wholesale refined sunflower oil


wholesale refined sunflower oil

For low-to-extremely-high-temperature cooking, refined sunflower oil is utilized. It performs like a standard vegetable triglyceride when used as a frying oil. In Eastern European cuisines, unrefined sunflower oil is used as a salad dressing. Sunflower butter contains sunflower oil as well.

INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Oil, Refined

USES: Specifically designed for restaurants, dining establishments, catering establishments, and other businesses that use fryers at high temperatures on a regular basis.

Because it performs better than other oils, it is more cost-effective for hospitality professionals to use.

This oil will provide a crispy, golden fried product without any additional seasonings.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep away from heat sources and keep out of direct sunlight.

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8 percent saturated fat
3 percent monounsaturated fat
9 percent polyunsaturated fat Omega-6 to 3: 199: 1 polyunsaturated fat polyunsaturated fat polyunsaturated fat polyunsaturated fat polyun


Sunflower oil with a high OLEIC content has superior heat stability than conventional sunflower oil. Coconut oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, on the other hand, are still better plant-fat options.


Sunflower oil is heat-stable, however it oxidizes quickly at high cooking temperatures.