wholesale cowhides


wholesale cowhides

Even though our family business has never been particularly tech savvy, we knew it would be worthwhile to offer our selection of rugs online with a unique twist. You can be certain that the rug you see on our website is the exact rug you will receive. We back up our products with some of the best online return and exchange policies available. With the addition of our hand-selected, premium rugs, where we sort through thousands of cowhide selections to choose only 100 of the best for our devoted consumers. We wish to express our gratitude to each of you for your support of our family business for more than 25 years and thank you for coming along on this journey with us.

You can utilize cowhide leather in practically every business because it is a versatile hide. Compared to other forms of leather, cowhide is stronger and inherently thicker. As a result, it can continue to be strong even after numerous applications. A vast selection of fine cow leather in a range of colors is offered by United Leather. The color and finish options available in our stock of cowhide leather are as follows:

specifications of our hides

wet salted cow hides
80% machine flayed, 20% hand flayed
no grubs, no holes, no cuts, no heads
short shanks
weight: min. 30 kgs
average weight: 34 to 36 kgs
selection: 70% a, 30% b
1 x container = 1200 hides approx.

wet salted kip skins
70% machine flayed, 30% hand flayed
weight: 16 to 20 kgs
average weight: approx. 18 kgs
selection: 60% a, 40% b
1 x container = 1250 skins approx.

wet salted cow hides
100% machine flayed
70% male, 30% female
0 to 1 hole, 5% small humps
a few ticks but low possibility due to good tics prevention programs
weight: min. 22 to 35 kgs
average weight: 26 kgs approx
average size: 42 sq.ft.
selection: 90% a, 10% b
1 x 20ft container = approx. 1300 hides

wet salted ox/heifer hides
machine flayed
weight: 17 to 26 kgs
average weight: approx. 23 kgs
selection: 80% a, 20% b

one container = approx. 1500 hides