sunflower oil 15 ltr price


sunflower oil 15 ltr price

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Sunflower oil manufactured by FarmOriginTM is made from the highest quality non-GMO sunflower seeds farmed and harvested in Europe and South America. Deep frying, stir-frying, slow cooking, salad, marinades, and sauces all benefit from the pleasant, mild aroma and pure, light color of our sunflower oil.
Health Advantages

Sunflower oil is particularly nutritious, as it is high in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.
Sunflower Oil with a High Oleic Content

Our high-oleic sunflower oil provides the ideal balance of health and utility. Because of its major mono-unsaturated fatty acid content and better frying stability, it helps to extend the shelf life of the product.

Sunflower oil is a bright yellow color with a robust rich flavor. It’s an excellent oil for light sautéing and salads because of its robust flavor. It is the family’s preferred method of cooking fish. In 2015, Garden and Gun named our Sunflower Oil as the winner of the Made in the South Food Category, and it also earned a Good Food Award in 2017. Many people are surprised to learn how beneficial our cold pressed, unrefined sunflower oil is. We plant high oleic sunflowers specifically for their beneficial fats.

Insoluble Substances

(in Petroleum Ether): Max 0,05%
Soap content: Max 0,005%
Iron (Fe): Max 1,5 mg/Kg
Copper (Cu): Max 0,1 mg/Kg
Lead (Pb): Max 0,1 mg/Kg
Arsenic (As): Max 0,1 mg/Kg
Acidity in Oleic Acid: Max 0,3%
Peroxide value: Up to 10 meq O2 per Kg Oil
Refractive Index: (40 o C) 1,467 – 1,469
Iodine Value (Wijs): 110 – 143
Saponification Value: (mg KOH/g oil ) 188 – 194
Unsaponifiable Matter: (g/kg oil) Max 15