mazola corn oil on sale


mazola corn oil on sale

Mazola Corn Oil can be used for a range of cooking methods to produce delicious meals, including baking, grilling, sautéing, and marinating. Corn oil’s bland flavor allows the real flavors of food to come through in marinades, sauces, and other applications. A wonderful all-purpose cooking oil with a high smoke point (450° F), corn oil is also well-suited to withstand the heat in the kitchen. The Mazola brand has been producing high-quality, delicious food since 1911. Mazola can be relied upon to

Make scrumptious dishes that your family will enjoy. Because Mazola cooking oils are completely natural, additive-free, and cholesterol-free, your food retains all of its wonderful flavor.

Instructions for preparation

Use: Always fried food at the proper temperature (about 375 degrees F). Don’t overheat your oil. Before adding food to oil, extra moisture should be blotted or wiped off to prevent spattering.
Safety advisory

Avoid pouring hot oil into any kind of plastic bottle. Keep the package away from flames and heat. Any oil can catch fire if it is overheated. When heating oil, never leave it alone. Reduce heat if oil smokes. if a fire in oil occurs. Remove from heat, then cover until cold. Keep hot or blazing oil away from water.