frozen squid suppliers


frozen squid suppliers

We are a leading manufacturer of Frozen Squid, Squid Frozen, Frozen Squid Illex, wholesale high-quality products of Fresh Squid R & D and production, and we have the finest after-sales service and technical support. I look forward to working with you.

By customer request, the squid is frozen at sea and manually wrapped in poly bags before being placed in a corrugated sleeve box. 12/13 kg is the approximate weight. (It weighs around 26-28 lbs.)
The weight of an illex squid is measured in grams. The weight ranges from less than 50 grams to 400 grams.

When treated with caution, squid has a long shelf life. It is unaffected by freezing, and the texture remains unchanged even after repeated freezing and thawing. The smell of fresh squid should be pleasant. With time, it develops a strong odor. Quality is not determined by skin blemishes or color.
Shortfin squid is another name for Illex squid.

Our squid is supplied by carefully vetted partners all over the world, primarily from Argentina. Captured by Argentine Flag jigger vessels within Argentina’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Argentina’s EEZ is covered by FAO 41.


Process: Whole Round
Illex Argentinus NW %: 100
Origin: Argentina
Frozen: Seafrozen, Jigger
Packing: 1 block of ABOUT 12,5 kg, with polybag


seafrozen in trawler vessel,  2 x about 10 kg, with polybag


Packing  : 1 x 10 kg in block
NW %      : 100
Origin     : Argentina
Frozen    : raw material from jigger cut Landfrozen


Process: Tentacles. Clean
NW %: 100
Origin: Argentina
Packing: In block of about 10 kg,


Illex Squid Tube

Frozen baby squid:
1.IQF or Block frozen
2.loligo Thailand,raw,
3.size 3-5cm,
4.1kg block frozen or IQF bulk

Frozen baby squid:
species: fresh loligo Thai, wild caught

processing: IQF,

quality: selected high quality ,HACCP certification
packing: 10kg bulk/ctn or as per requriement

glazing: as per request

store temperature: below -18°c

shelf time: 24months

Product name

Frozen Illex Squid
Latin name Argentina illex
Origin Argentina
Available Size 100-150g,200-300g,300-400g,etc
Documents 1. Commerical Invoice
2. Packing List
3. Origin Certificate
4. Health Certificate
5. Bill of Loading
6. Form A/Form E
7. others fishing documents by customers