dried fish bladder


dried fish bladder

What exactly is a fish maw?
The dried swim bladders of huge fish like croaker and sturgeon are known as fish maw.
It doesn’t have a fishy flavor and soaks up the flavors of the other components.
It is rated according to gender, with male bladders being superior to female bladders.
It is one of the great four sea delicacies , along with abalone, sea cucumber, shark fins, and fish maw.

Are there any health advantages?
Fish maw contains collagen and aids in blood circulation.
How do I choose a fish maw?
Dried fish maw, usually derived from croaker. Croaker maw has more nutritional value than fried maw and is better for nourishing soups.
Male fish maws can withstand longer boiling times, whereas females soften and gelatinize much faster.

How do I cook fish maw?
Before it can be prepared, fish maw must be soaked for several hours, usually overnight.
To get rid of the fishy odor, change the water on a regular basis.
The fish maw has been quickly boiled with ginger and shallot, rinsed with running water, and is now ready to cook.
In soups or stews, fish maw can be used in place of shark’s fin or bird’s nest.
It is usually braised whole with abalone or oyster sauces over mushrooms and vegetables after being simmered in broth for several hours.

It is typically braised, stewed, or served in soup. Fish maw is available dried in both non-fried and fried varieties. The non-fried version is hard and dry, whereas the fried version is all white, puffy, and airy. Non-fried Fish maws must be soaked and then boiled with ginger until soft. The fluffy white fried fish maw can be cooked alongside soups. This fish maw item comes in golden colored pieces, making it simple to prepare. Here’s a quick recipe for two.