buy horse mackerel


buy horse mackerel

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Latin Name: Trachurus trachurus

Fishing Location: FAO 27 – North Spain

Catching Season: June – October

Catching Method: Purse Seining

Freezing Method: Block Frozen, Brine “IQF”

Packing: 20kg Carton Box + Plastic Bag

Form: Whole Round

Size: 16-20cm (7/14 ppk), 20-25cm (5/7 ppk), 25+cm (3/5 ppk)

Trachurus trachurus, sometimes known as the Atlantic Horse Mackerel, is a mackerel species belonging to the Carangidae family.

It receives its common name from the legend that it can carry other smaller kinds of fish for long distances on its back. Scad, maasbanker, scad, saurel, and rough scad are some of the other common names.

The Atlantic horse mackerel can be found throughout the north-eastern Atlantic, including the Cape Verde Islands, as well as the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. It feeds on crustaceans, squid, and other fishes and congregates in vast schools in coastal areas. The west stock, which spawns in the eastern Atlantic off the shores of western Europe, and the north stock, which spawns in the North Sea, are the two primary horse mackerel

This mackerel can be smoked, fried, salted, and baked, among other things. It’s a valuable commercial fish.