buffalo meat price


buffalo meat price

We fully provide our clients with our extensive, high-quality selection of fresh, frozen, and halal buffalo meat. The buffalo meat that we offer to our clients is precisely hygienic, high in protein, and full of flavor. In accordance with our firm standards, contemporary technology is used to safely keep our meat. We purchase this meat from other sources at reasonable prices in order to satisfy our customers.

whole mutton 24kgs /6wat cut
mutton squire cut shoulder /mutton bonless
legs/mutton fat insde/mutton external fat

(2) whole lamb carcess/6way cut
weight 18kgs-24kgs/ lamb shoulder /lamb legs
lamb breast /lamb square

fresh meat, poultry, and seafood is called Fresho Meats. To give you delicious and high-quality items, we take the utmost care in choosing the best suppliers. Every product is kept in our cold storage until it reaches your door, guaranteeing maximum freshness and cleanliness. Every product is additionally packaged with food-grade plastic, which offers a nourishing and wholesome atmosphere.

Silver Side, Thick Flank, Top Side, Rump Steak, Shin Shank; Trimmings, Fore Quarter Rolls, Thick Flank, Knuckle, Rump Steak, Strip Loin, Thick Flank, Blade, Brisket
Chuck; Neck; Heart, Liver, Kidney, Tongue, Tail, Cheek Meat, Omasum
Hind Quarter Cuts (Topside, Silver-side, Knuckle and Rump-steak), Fore Quarter, Chuck Tender, Cubes, Slices, Trimming, Cube Roll, Tenderloin