brazilian cowhide


brazilian cowhide

Our supply is obtained directly from abattoirs, slaughterhouses, and wet salted hide processors that have been in operation for at least 15 years, and in some cases even longer. Wet and dry horse hides, salted wet and dry donkey hides, and other types of hides and skins are all available from our partners in a wide range.

Wet Salted Donkey Hides

*Product Specification :*

Machine flayed
No grubs, no ticks, no holes
No tails, no heads
Short shanks
Color: 80% black and white, 20% brown
Weight: min. 28 kgs
Average weight: 33 kgs
Selection: 80% A, 20% B
1 x 20 ft. container = 700 hides approx

-Quantity: 1 X 40 Ft FCL = 2700 – 2800 Hides

Hand Flayed
No head, no tail, short shanks
90% male, 10% female
Humps: approx 10%
Brands: approx 10%
Weight: 18 to 33 kgs
Average weight: 25 kgs
1 x 20 ft container = 900 hides

Hand flayed, trimmed
Some brandmarks, 2 to 3 holes in bellies and prime areas, 70% small humps
Weight: 18 to 24 kgs
Average weight: 20 kgs
Average size: 38 sq.ft.
1 x 20ft container = 900 to 950 hides approx.

Machine flayed
No hump, no brands, no grubs, no ticks, trimmed
Simmental, Angus and Hereford breeds
Weight: 31 to 40 kgs
Average weight: approx. 35 kgs
Thickness: min. 4.5 mm
Selection: 80% A, 20% B
One x 20ft container = approx. 600 hides
Availability: 30 containers

Hides are packed and put on wooden pallets or containers with a plank lifting fork during packing.

The hides should be arranged according to weight, if practicable, and according to an assortment list.

Inspection: Customers are welcome to conduct a pre-shipment inspection.

Assurance and Guarantee: Customer inspection is acceptable to ensure that the buyer checks the quality 100 percent and that the packing and sealing of containers is witnessed.

Guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition because of the rigorous salting process. Refrigerated containers are utilized over longer distances. If a hide is decomposing when it arrives, it is replaced in the following shipment or refunded.